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Student Reviews

I have been taking fitness classes at Creighton MMA Academy for more than 2 years. I have lost 15 lbs and feel stronger than ever. Since I don't have a lot of time to spend at the gym the classes are perfect to keep me in shape and help me meet my fitness goals.

I look forward to every workout. The atmosphere is always positive and friendly. The classes are challenging yet appropriate for every fitness level. Paul, Isaac, Johnny and their staff always go out of their way to make sure that we are using good form to get the most out of every workout.

Donna Phillips

We searched for a while for a martial arts school that was more than “the moves” and “the belts.”  We wanted a place with substance, with committed instructors who loved contributing to the life of a child.  So glad friends told us to check out Creighton MMA!  Our son needed coordination, confidence and skills he could use.  He got that and more.  To see him progress over the past year has been a huge thrill.  He tells us; it’s not about doing a kata of specific moves I’ve memorized here, when an opponent comes at me, my brain tells me to “shrimp” or “sprawl” and I can handle anything

Because the training is so well balanced yet at the right intensity, his strength, stamina and cardio have noticeably improved.  That said, it is clear that his mental toughness, emotional management and personal motivation are the primary focus of each interaction with the instructors.  He looks up to them, respects them and works hard to show them what he’s learned.  All this is amazing, plus the community is no pressure, never sales-y and like a big family.  We found our home, thanks to Paul’s leadership.

Dawn Roth

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for partnering with our family on our journey to teach necessary character skills for our children.  Your personal integrity is translated through the amazing staff you have collected at Creighton MMA.  My children absolutely love attending classes and are always eager to attend every class, as is the report on ALL the students' faces every time we are in your gym!

Keep up the awesome work!

Portia & Jacyn Bergman

Paul, just a note to express my sincere appreciation for the job that you, Johnny, and Isaac, have done for my health and over all physical condition. After spending the last 6 to 7 years at the “Fitness Chains” I have never obtained results I get from your Fitness Kickboxing and Total Body Fitness Classes. Without your help, it is doubtful I would be in the best shape of my life.  I look forward to many more years.

John Casey

Joining Creighton MMA Academy is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.  Paul Creighton and his staff are excellent instructors.  They are supportive, and they provide a positive learning environment.  I have done some training in other martial arts schools in the past.  None have even come close to the quality of training I have received at this academy.  I heartily recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning martial arts and improving their overall fitness.

Joe Shaginaw

I have been fortunate enough to be able to participate in the martial arts for 44 years. I have studied traditional karate, judo, jiu-jitsu and kung fu. When I first became aware of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the early 90's I knew I wanted to add it to my skill set.

I investigated several area BJJ facilities but they didn't feel right. They lacked that special something that elevates them above the average Dojo. I found Creight MMA and BJJ through a flyer that a friend passed on to me. When I went to meet Paul and to see his facility, we had a long conversation which lead to my joining his academy. I felt I had my BJJ home.

I have trained with Paul for almost 8 years and have never regretted my decision to become a part of his organization. I have had the privilege to be a part of his staff as an assistant instructor of the children's classes. Creighton MMA & BJJ is a family oriented facility designed to accommodate your needs. From the youngest child to the oldest adult (71) and everybody in between. The training allows for those who wish to become professionals to those of us who wish to be in the best condition possible. Being able to defend yourself is an added plus.

Paul Creighton is the rare individual who is not only a world class athlete but a world class teacher as well. A highly sought after combination in any field but especially in Martial Arts. So, leave your ego at home and come join our family. You will not regret your decision.

"Diamond" Dan Shapiro

I have known Paul for 10 years.  His professionalism and genuine compassion for his academy and students is infectious, and it shows through his teaching skills both on and off the mat.

I started in July 2010 with fitness kickboxing and total body fitness and to date I have lost 48 pounds and 11.3% body fat.  Between Paul and his staff, they have kept me honest and consistent.  They are very positive and motivating when you want to stop from fatique in any of your workouts. Thank you guys, YOU ROCK!

Colleen Coughlin

I have never felt more comfortable in a gym than I do at Creighton Mixed Martial Arts. Being a member for over a year now, I feel like I have found a place that far exceeds anything I thought an academy could offer. Experienced and highly knowledgeable staff, friendly peers (of all levels), encouraging and motivating mentors, clean and professional environment.... I cannot say enough great things about CMMA. Whether you are interested in competing or just trying to reach some overall fitness goals, this is the place to do it. I've learned more about myself and my limits in the past year than I could have ever imagined. I have made some wonderful friends, and have had some very fun times. That's worth more than any membership fee, at any gym. I look forward to many years of training with this team, under Paul Creighton, and surrounded by the passion you can tell fills the building.

Jennifer Utterback

Great staff of people who are passionate about the martial arts as well as helping people meet their overall fitness goals. The environment and attitudes are always positive and the fact that there are no egos makes it a great and enjoyable place to train.

Ryan Charlebois

Paul Creighton has created something very special at Creighton MMA. CMMA is not a place to just work out or to just improve your MMA or BJJ skills. Being a part of CMMA means being a part of a team, a family, with a unique bond. My husband, my son, and I have all been a part of CMMA since 2009, and since the first day we have loved the atmosphere and the people. This special atmosphere didn't happen by circumstance; it was created very intentionally by Paul Creighton.

Paul's team is AMAZING, always helping members work toward goals. My goal was weight loss and conditioning. I lost 50 pounds by participating in kickboxing classes and total body fitness classes and with Paul's help with nutritional goals. CMMA makes this easy... you just keep showing up!

Paul is personally involved at the academy and in the lives of the members everyday. He knows the families, the kids, and each member of his academy. If you are on the fence about whether or not to give it a try, just do it! Your life may never be the same again!

Kim Bauman

I have trained at CMMA for the past year since moving to GA. I have been a student of BJJ for the past 11 years, training in MN, NJ and now GA. The warm welcome and no-ego atmosphere of CMMA is immediately evident as you set foot in the front door. Before my first class, Paul greeted me with a smile and a handshake as he welcomed me to the academy. This has happened over and over again the past year with Paul and his team of instructors. They teach, train and drill with smiles on their faces, positive attitudes, and no shortage of BJJ knowledge. 

At CMMA there are great training partners at all BJJ ranks. You are guaranteed a competitive roll each time you hit the mat, period. I have had more positive training experiences since joining the CMMA team than I can list here. You get back what you put into each class where questions are welcomed and answers are given through demonstration. 

Competing in tournaments is not required but rest assured, you will be more than prepared by our team. Paul and many others have competed nationally and internationally; IBJJF, Worlds, PANS, ADCC and the UFC. Extra practices and fight camps are organized and run to get everyone in tip top shape for game day. Walking into a new school can be a daunting experience and the most difficult step for most people. Paul and the CMMA family squash this apprehension in a hurry. You only need to take the first step and call or stop by to make your first class. You will not be disappointed.

Nathan Asbee

I've trained at Creighton Mixed Martial Arts for a little more then 3 and a half years and my time spent here has had a profound impact on my life. I can clearly remember the anxiety I felt when I parked outside and made my way to the front door of the academy not knowing what to expect. But the second I walked in, I was greeted as though I was apart of a family.

The atmosphere is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Paul Creighton himself is a beacon of positivity and kindness, and it's reflected by all of the instructors and everyone who trains here. Isaac and T are two of the most humble, friendly and down to earth guys I've met, and epitomize everything that makes this place so special. The environment is devoid of ego with the only focus being on one thing: continual improvement.

Regardless of why you want to start training, be it for competition or just to get in shape, this place will be a catalyst in helping you reach your goals. The instructors are phenomenal and there is no shortage of people willing to help you. Huge mat space, amazing gym and fitness classes, world class Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts instruction.

Come in, check the place out, and even try a class, you won't be disappointed. And if you're interested but still a bit timid, I can tell you from experience, getting to the front door is the hardest part.

Carl Johnson

This gym is one of my favorite gyms to stop in while in GA. it has world class instructors. the environment is so welcoming and inviting it doesn't get any better then this great gym.

Rick Bateman

For starters, I can't say enough good things about this academy! The staff, Isaac, T, Koya, and Michael are phenomenal. Their tough, patient, and always willing to help. The teammates are like brothers and sisters. Everyone is energetic, friendly, and hungry to learn. The classes are great and always informative. And I can't forget Paul. If you are in search of a coach or someone to inspire you then Paul is your guy. He sets the tone at the academy and its carried out by his staff. Finally, having joined the academy at 47 years old and in only 2 years I'm in the best shape of my life. Never had more fun, never been more confident, and never been more balanced in all areas of life than I am right now. The Fountain of Youth exists at Creighton MMA. I look forward to meeting you on the mat...SOON!

Bob Chandler

I've been fortunate enough to have trained at many MMA academies around the country, and Creighton Mixed Martial Arts is by far my favorite! Every aspect of CMMA is top notch from the instructors, the facility and the members....high level training in a very comfortable but professional atmosphere! I'm so impressed by CMMA's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program, I started traveling back there from the Outer Banks of North Carolina once a month for the world class training, and it always feel like my home away from home.

Amy Eaton

I am enrolled in the Academy as are my 4 Grandchildren ages 11, 13, 13 and 14. I can't say enough good things about this school. It is like being part of an extended family. The instruction is top flight with excellent, highly qualified instructors. They take an active part in personalizing each person's training, whether the class be individual or group.

Paul is a highly skilled, world class martial arts practitioner but his talents go far beyond that. He is highly educated in sports medicine and is a patient and skilled teacher who has surrounded himself with a first rate staff.

Truly a world class operation.

Roland Couillard

My family has been involved at CMMA for nearly a year now and I cannot say enough positive things about our experience. My son started in the kids BJJ program at the age of 5. His self-confidence has rocketed and he truly loves going to class. Nearly 5 months ago I started attending the Kickboxing & Total Body Fitness classes. I've always been fit, but after having two babies, life's priorities got trickier to manage. I was having a terrible time finding a workout routine that kept me motivated and my fitness began to suffer...until I joined CMMA! Now I'm stronger than I have been in a long time, my blood pressure has dropped, and I feel good about my body again. The results have been great.

The atmosphere at this gym is encouraging and professional. The workouts are amazing and intense, but certainly scalable for any fitness level. Paul has put together an incredible team of instructors (for both kids and adults). These guys make it happen!

Allison Dawson

Great place to train for kids, with an experienced staff. Brazilian jujitsu for all ages.

Serg Clark

My husband joined CMMA a few years ago, and then I joined shortly after him. He enjoys the MMA training and I enjoy the Kickboxing and Total Body Fitness. Paul has also worked with me on personal training and nutrition, and I've seen results. We spent years trying to get into a routine and find a place where we could enjoy not only the fitness programs and training, but also the people before we found CMMA. We have met several of our closest friends at CMMA, and we give all the credit to Paul and his team for creating such a positive and respectful atmosphere. We love it so much that when we talking about moving our family, we make sure to account for the distance to CMMA. If you're looking to change your lifestyle, become empowered, and surround yourself with positive people and energy, then I highly recommend CMMA!

Jane Fisher

I joined CMMA in 2011. I was an almost obese guy who weighed about 290pounds. I had tried losing the weight before by going to normal conventional gyms but i got bored after like a few weeks and had no desire to go back. But since i was a big fan of MMA i figured why not try it out....Men that was the best decision i ever made. I didn't join CMMA to be a MMArtist but rather to loos weight. The first day was so intense for a fat guy like me that i thought to myself i would be crazy to come back here...The next day i think i was the first to show up for class. This was the most fun i had ever had while working out. I stuck with it and always looked forward to the next class and not only was the weight coming off me dramatically but i was learning how to effectively defend myself. I eventually lost all my weight in under a year and saw i had a six pack. CMMA is home to me because every member treats one another like family. Now i am 195 pounds, i have won a couple of jiu jitsu tournaments and even step into the cage for cage fighting(2-0). Thanks for changing my life CMMA.

Abunaw Ose

This is a world-class facility with GREAT instruction in bjj and mma. It also has fantastic fitness programs. To top it off, you will be in a family-friendly environment where you are taught and coached by a top-notch staff. If you are in the area, go check out Paul Creighton and CMMA…you won't be sorry you did.

Samuel Joseph

Creighton MMA is the perfect environment for martial arts training and fitness. No attitudes, just the highest quality instruction, excellent training, and a great place to sweat.

Paul is an outstanding martial artist with an infectious positive attitude. He is eminently talented in his ability to explain and demonstrate technique and he works tirelessly to bring out your best efforts. Issac Eberle, Tyler Driskell and Scott Adams (along with an impressive team of Paul Creighton black belts) also bring their substantive experience and unique skill sets to create a deep martial arts/fitness team.

This gym is for everyone, from the youngest of children to adults of every age, competitor to enthusiast. Even if this wasn't a beautifully appointed and fully stocked facility (and it is), the family environment makes Creighton MMA the perfect place to call your gym home. In case you hadn't noticed, it comes with my highest recommendation.

Rick Gomez

These guys are wonderful. I've been going for about 3 years now and have never had a bad experience. The workouts are second to none and the staff is always friendly and helpful. I would absolutely recommend them to anybody interested in any of the classes.

Sarah Price

Best gym around! The level of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction here is second to none and the cardio classes will whip you into shape. I lost 50 pounds during my first year here and am now in the best shape of my life. The environment here is ego free and very friendly. If you are looking for fitness, BJJ, or striking classes you have to check this place out.

Nathan Drake

Simply Awesome!

I've been a member of Creighton MMA since 2008 and I can't imagine a better place to train. The facility is always very clean, the equipment is always in great shape, and there are classes for every level of fitness and skill level.

Most importantly, to me, is the quality of instruction and other members, Paul Creighton and his crew of other instructors are amazing. They provide quality group instruction and somehow still manage to give individual attention when needed. The other members are all friendly and have great attitudes. I feel that I've made a lot of life long friends while at CMMA. I'm proud to be a part of the BJJ family that Paul Creighton has built.

Thanks Paul!

Jesse Haney

Crieghton MMA is framed by some very awesome instructors and students. Very respectful of each other and the craft that they're learning.

Jason Jones

All the trainers are great! Creighton is a comfortable environment where you can get an awesome workout and learn new techniques! I would recommend Creighton to anyone who is willing to sweat!!

Amanda Lande

I cannot say enough good things about Paul and the gang! More than a gym, this place is a family! The atmosphere is unparalleled-- motivating, encouraging, and a superb mixture of serious and fun. I did BJJ and MMA, and LOVED every minute! I miss everything about this gym, and now that I'm in Arizona, no gym can even touch it!

Not only are the regular classes great, but the fitness classes are amazing. Isaac should start taking before and after pictures. : ) These classes are great for all levels -- if you're a beginner, no problem; if you don't want to sacrifice technique, also no issue.

As a female, I can say that I was totally spoiled by the level of professionalism I experienced here. Paul does not tolerate shenanigans.

Regardless of your age or gender, you will be forever changed by BJJ and this is place to do it!

Bonnie Held

I love this place. I started training in this gym about 9 months ago. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am 5 6 and when I started around 340 lbs. Given how big I am was hoping for a gym that would be non judgemental. Since the first minute that i step in the students and instructors have been extremely welcoming and just all around amazing. If you are interested but have a doubt about the place I would suggest coming in for a class and see for yourself how great this place is.

Raul Paz

Great place to learn and grow from beginner to pro. Visited a handful of times and as a professional fighter this gym has something for everyone. Great facility, awesome instructors, full classes and training partners of all levels.

Matthew Lozano

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